How do I remove the right sidebar?

This is maybe a simple question, but I couldn’t find an answer on the forum. How do I remove the right sidebar? I just want the left one (for browsing files) and the center area to view them.


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Not a bug report. Moved to another section.

You can collapse it and let it stay collapsed. Use the arrow at the top, or use CSS to set its width to 0 if you don’t want to see even the icons.

Thanks @WhiteNoise, wasn’t sure where to put it.

@rsdimitrov, I only see “The sidebar is empty, try dragging a pane here.”, no arrow. Did I mess something up? I have a slightly tweaked custom CSS, and I can edit the CSS to remove this, but I’m wondering if there should be an in-software solution to this, since I don’t want to edit my CSS every time I want to see tags, etc.

You sounded like you wanted to remove it completely :slight_smile:

Still, look into this:

You should be able to have the sidebars hidden (unless you hover on them or keep one of them open).

If you want to keep the left one visible, delete line number 5 from the custom css linked above

Go to Settings → Hotkeys and set keyboard shortcut for Toggle right side bar. You can collapse and reveal it using the same keyboard shortcut.

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@singhrac Collapsing still leaves some screen space wasted.
check Utilize wasted screen space along right edge
for solution how to get rid of it completely.