How do I insert rows into the middle of markdown table?

What I’m trying to do

I’m creating a table using markdown, and I occasionally need to insert a new row in between existing rows. However, Obsidian only adds a row to the bottom when I press the enter key on any existing row, instead of adding it where the cursor is located.

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forums. it looks like a 3rd party plugin my solve the problem , but I’d rather not install plugins and use native features of Obsidian.

macOS 14.1.2
Obsidian v1.4.16

They just dropped a new release which completely revamp the tables. Try an update, and then right click on the table → add row.
(I believe).

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I have the latest version of Obsidian, per the “check for updates” button, and no row or column options appear when I right-click the table in edit mode.

The current public release is v1.4.16.
v1.5+ with the new table features is currently in beta testing:

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You are correct. Sorry, @majorgear. Looks like my “solution” won’t work until the next release.

And you don’t have any plugins installed, like the advanced tables plugin?

When I disabled the aforementioned plugin I could insert line breaks wherever I wanted… so going to the end of line and hitting enter gives me a new empty line.

With the plugin enabled I’ve set a hotkey to the command of inserting a row in previous line (since that’s my most common use case).

Yeah, without any plugins, you can manually add rows like this:


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Does the new update (currently) in beta make tables as flexible as say in OneNote? i.e., easily adding coloring to rows, headers, change the font, etc. If not, what would be the best route to have this functionality as a plugin (never having developed a plugin myself). The existing table features are just way too basic and limiting.

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