How do I increase the width of the note being displayed in the right panel?

The note being displayed in the right panel is quite narrow and takes up (centers) about 1/3 or the available window real estate. I would like to make the notes appear wider so they can be editied and viewed as intended.

How do I do this? Thanks!

Can you post a screenshot and show (circle/highlight/whatever) the area you are talking about?

Hi and thank you for the reply. I have outlined the areas in red. Is there a way to spread the document to utilize this ares. The document being exactly centered is very narrow.

Ahh, I see.

How to change this will vary depending on the theme you are using.

Other themes may have Style Settings as well, but for the Minimal and AnuPpuccin themes, see →

If the theme doesn’t have settings, you can use a CSS snippet →

/*- editor line width - default 700px -*/ 
body {
  --file-line-width: 850px;  
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It might also be related to your enabling/disabling of Settings > Editor > Display > Readable line length, which for some of the themes (if not all?) needs to be disabled to allow for really long line lengths.

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Hi all. Thank you for your replies. I found that most themes that I tried have the ability to use the Readable Line Length setting. The Max Preview width seems to also work with some themes. I went with the Readable Line Length and it seems to do what I was after.
I really appreciate the help. I think I might be able to use Obsidian now and slowly move from EN.

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