How do I get content from websites into my notes?

Hope this helps.

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I think you can use Glasp, too!

I use Markdownload for Firefox myself, but there is also an Obsidian clipper in the Firefox add-on Website. Just search for Obsidian. Personally, the Markdownload extension fits better, and it works with anything, not just Obsidian, but I thought I’d mention the other one since I don’t see it in these comments. xP

I assume you’re primarily talking about wanting the inline images as part of a larger selection. I haven’t found a straightforward way to manage that yet (and am still reading through the rest of the thread and trying options to see if something there does the trick). But if you just want the image…I usually just right-click it, copy, and paste it into an Obsidian note. That embeds it properly.

What about Obsidian Web Clipper? (at least I have heard of this somewhere) Obsidian Web Clipper: How to capture web pages in one click with this bookmarklet - YouTube

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With brwoser extensions like Save Text to File we can mark a text on a web page and save it as a text or md file in a vault folder.

An other option is the readitlater Obsidian plugin. Mark text on the website and create a ReaditLater note