How do I create a tag that has a space?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I searched obsidian help
How do I insert a tag that has multiple words with spaces in between? Do I have to use underlines? I tried #

From the manual:

Spaces are not allowed in tags. So, if you want to have multiple words in a tag, you can use these formats:

  • CamelCase: #TwoWords
  • Underscore: #two_words
  • Dash: #two-words

The only symbols allowed are:

  1. _ (underscore) and - (dash) to separate words;
  2. / (forward slash) for nested tags

Numbers are allowed in the tag, as long as the tag is not purely numeric. For example, #1984 does not form a valid tag, but #y1984 is valid.



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