Can tags with spaces be allowed if you seperate them with an underscore

Use case or problem

I would like to add tags with spaces in them

Proposed solution

Tags with an underscore should separate the tags by a space. That way you could have tags with multiple words and search them easier.

Related feature requests (optional)

(How do I create a tag that has a space?)

Underscores are allowed:


I understand im asking to make them function as a spacebar when setting up tags.

I dont think this is resolved but awesome. Nice being ignored. Feedback would have be nice about the idea.

Sorry you feel that way. I’d bet forum users assumed @anon12638239’s response seemed to answer your question: Can I use underscores? - That would explain the lack of a reply.

If there’s a more specific use-case or functionality you’re looking to achieve that you’d like help with, perhaps a deeper explanation or - better yet - example of what you’re trying to do would prompt more replies.

What do you want to do with these tags that you can’t do now? What do you mean by “function as a spacebar”, exactly?


Thanks for the response. I do apologize for lacking the explanation. The way I see the idea is that there is a toggle option in settings to allow the underscore in tags to act like a space when you are viewing the tag in live preview. By having that option you have the ability to space out words and search for individual words with related tags. For example, say you have the tag #red_moon, #full_moon, and #new_moon. This feature would let the tags show up in graph view with a space instead of the underscore. (full moon, red moon, new moon) and allow you to search the individual words or partial matching searches. Like searching for #moon would bring up all the tags listed. Or #function would bring up all of the tags you have function. Ex.(quadratic_function, or #function_in_coding).
Maybe this function does exist and I’m not aware of it but I would love this little QoL change. I hope this idea makes more sense.

I think you might be able to have the appearance of spaces with a CSS snippet, using the content property (perhaps setting the color of underscores to the same as the background).

You can search partial matches on tags by searching them as plain text (using regex when needed: see Search). It may be slower, and you’ll have to do more work if you also have tags in more than 1 format (hashtag and YAML metadata).

I’m not sure what the point of spaces would be. But are you aware you can nest tags?

But it is reverse to your example. The parent tag comes first.



Then you can search tag:#moon and find them all.

There may also be plugins that enhance the way tags work.


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