How do i close the search pane/tab

Seems, I have the same Problem like descripted here:

Only that i do not understand well the solution. Thx for any hint.

You may have a plugin setting changing how the default view looks or works, but usually you can just drag around the tabs. Post a screenshot if you can’t get it :+1:t4:

Thank you for the quick reply.

I use the default theme of Obsidian and I can move the window without problems. (see video)

The problem is that it is open 2x (for whatever reason) and I can’t get it closed.

Hmm. OK. There are two things to try next.

  1. In Settings > Options > Core plugins → turn off Search. Close your vault → reopen your vault → turn Search on again. If it’s fixed, great!

If not,

  1. Your workspace layout is in {VAULT}/.obsidian/workspace.json . If you don’t mind redoing your window setup: with the vault closed you could move the workspace.json file out of your vault and open the vault again.

    When you open the vault again, a new .json file will be created and you can re-arrange your workspace how you want it again.

    Hopefully the extra Search tabs will be gone and everything back to its default state.


The first solution did it!
Thanks a lot.

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