How do I add rows to markdown table?

I’m having the exact same problem as this poster (who wasn’t taken very seriously)

What am I missing? I’m just trying this app for the first time and can’t even get this to work.

To summarize: When I add a table like this (from copy-n-past)

| Syntax      | Description |
| ----------- | ----------- |
| Header      | Title       |
| Paragraph   | Text        |

I can’t add another line, because hitting return kicks me into preview mode.

Just keep typing. It doesn’t matter that the lines above are rendered — when you finish the line it will be added to the table.

In my test, the table turned to code view once I started typing text in the second cell. But that rendering doesn’t affect whether the text you’re typing becomes part of the table.

Oh I see, I like that, but unless you know that’s happening its very confusing! Even more confusing, it switches back into “raw mode” only when you start the contents of the second column.

Thanks, I was about to give up and go back to notes :slight_smile:

I recommend you use the Advanced Tables plugin which renders tables a little bit better and adds neat functionality.

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If you want you can also switch to source mode when editing tables to remove their formatting so it’s less of a distraction.

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