How can I remove the blank line that appears before a bullet list in read mode?

What I’m trying to do

Remove the blank space between a bullet list and text above it that appears in read mode.


Things I have tried

Creating a CSS snippet but I’ll be honest I’m new to CSS and Obsidian and I’m not at all sure I did it right. I could really use some help.

You could try adjusting the --p-spacing and/or --heading-spacing like here:

Thanks for the suggestion but so far it’s only affecting headings not bullet lists. I’m not well versed in CSS so a step by step would be greatly appreciated.

In this specific case (a list following regular text), this works to shift the list up in Reading View:

.markdown-rendered ul, .markdown-rendered ol {
    margin-block-start: -10px;
    margin-block-end: 0px;

…but this could very well produce unexpected results in other situations, negative margins aren’t good, and I wouldn’t use it myself.

Reading View is going to create lines/spacing between elements. I’d try working with the --p-spacing or --heading-spacing options. For spacing within lists, you could also try the CSS here How to Increase Paragraph Spacing - #2 by ariehen.

I use this snippet in conjunction with the Contextual Typography plugin. The plugin might not be strictly necessary anymore, but it’s worked for me for ~2 years now.

/* Remove the gap between a paragraph and a list that follows it */
div.el-p + div.el-ul > ul,
div.el-p + div.el-ol > ol {
    margin-top: -15px;