How can I get Quick Add to capture a note on my daily note?

Things I have tried

I have tried to add a note to my Daily Note using Quick Add capture, but every time I do it a new daily note is created with the newly additional note.

I can see that is it something wrong with the date format. It looks it have a little spacing before the note… Maybe it is because of the formating?

It is not a space. I have checked many time.
I have tried both Periodic Notes and Daily Note to add a new daily notes, and deleted it and so on, but still Quick Add eighter add a new (little different) note with today date, or I get an error if I chose to not create a new file.

In Quick Add I have used both {{DATE:YYYY-MM-DD}}, and only {{DATE}}

Is it because the Daily note create the title it self? But it is also the same date formatting YYYY-MM-DD, just without {{}}

I think I have watched Nicole Van Der Hoeven`s Quickadd tutorial 10 times now + others.

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I can’t answer your question, but I wonder if it’s simply a little buggy?

I was trying to do things with it yesterday on my tablet, and had mysterious problems like

  • It would work with one .md file but not with another very similar file
  • Attempts at formatting failed in odd ways, like it would append list numbering but not the list item text I entered
  • It sometimes seemed to help if I’d close and restart Obsidian after making any change to Quick Add settings

None of that is battened down well enough to be a bug report, and I don’t have time to spend on it now, unfortunately.

Also not sure if it’s being maintained. If I understand Github correctly (which I easily might not be) it doesn’t look like anything’s been done with it since April. One consequence of that could be maybe it’s not quite compatible with Obsidian 1.0.

Too bad if it’s been abandoned since it’s a really good idea and I’d use it a lot if it would work reliably.

Or maybe it just doesn’t like my tablet. No idea. Haven’t had trouble with other plugins, though.

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