How can I change the color of the lines between ticks?


I use the Proper Dark theme, I generally like it except the color of this one. How can I change the color of this? I am not a dev so I would not know how to do it.



Add a custom-code-colour.css snippet file in your vault’s “.obsidian/snippets” folder with this as its contents:

code {
    color: red !important;

Instead of a colour name, you can also specify a hex colour, e.g. #0000ff (look online).

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To cover inline code only (and not the color in code blocks) for both Editing and Reading views, something like this should work:

.cm-s-obsidian .cm-inline-code:not(.cm-formatting),
.markdown-rendered :not(pre) > code {
    color: orange;


Thanks guys, that is helpful. How do you know what affects what? it looks like there is no perfect theme, and I need to edit bunch of other stuff.

I’d have a good read through this:

and start poking around with the inspector, have a look at Obsidian’s own app.css, the default theme’s custom properties / variables, and other theme.css files. Have fun! :mage:

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