Hotkey to check a TODO box from the editor

This is a request to add a hotkey to toggle (or cycle) the “checked” state of a todo item when the cursor is on the same line. This would be similar to shift+left/right in orgmode and alt+enter in Roam.

Thanks for considering!


Great idea! I hope to use Obsidian/plain text as my main task manager. The easier that is, the better!


I like how the “iA Writer” app (for android) lets you just click in the checkbox bracket, and it adds the “x” there without needing to be in a ‘preview’ mode; definitely have wished could do the same in obsidian, right now I just switch back and forth between editor/preview to check boxes


I’d suggest use the same hotkey used for “Follow link under cursor”, by default Alt+Enter.

For those who missing that badly :slight_smile:


Will it work if I put this code in obsidian.css?

No, unfortunately. Plugins not supported officially just yet. But they will. So for now we just waiting when it’s happened.

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If you are a keyboard maestro user I setup this Toggle Done macro that you can bind to whatever key combo you want (I use SHIFT-COMMAND-ENTER). It’s all done with built in macros. I am sure there are easy ways to do this but this was my first attempt at such a macro. It does change your cursor position so watch out for that. (1.6 KB)

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+1 Hope to see this too

+1 This would make using obsidian so much easier for task management, I barely ever go into preview.

In Onenote, to-do boxes are treated as tags. Pressing the tag hotkey twice alters the state, then a third time removes it. If there was an optional “to-do” hotkey that managed all the things, then that might work.

This could be useful if you don’t mind to mess with console while we don’t have a plugin API.

Implemented in 0.9.5

There is now a new command for toggling the checkbox state between [ ] and [x]. Ctrl/Cmd+Enter is the default hotkey.