Hotkey repeated triggers

I’m pretty used to VS Code and it’s functionality of multiple cursors and line movement. I’d like to have an experience in Obsidian that can have similar functionality. One of the things stopping me is that hotkeys don’t retrigger when held. This may be a gripe but I think it’s a fair gripe. Here is a similar topic that I found.

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to have it to where when I use hotkeys in obsidian it will trigger until I release the hotkeys. Here are some commands I’d like to use this for.

  • Move line up
  • Move line down
  • Add cursor on the line above (Advanced Cursors)
  • Add cursor on the line below (Advanced Cursors)
  • Add next instance of current selection to selections (Advanced Cursors)
  • Add previous instance of current selection to selections (Advanced Cursors)

Things I have tried

My search was “obsidian hotkeys repeat” which yielded this. this. It seems this is already a thing but I haven’t been able to experience it. @Gem seems to have been able to have luck with it though.

I’m still interested in this, I started using obsidian this January and it’s been making me feel like it’s possible to organize my hectic life. I’ve noticed obsidian has changed a lot in the last few years so I’m looking forward to what’s coming. As such, I think this will have a fix or change before too long. Obsidian is great as is but progress always requires asking for more.

I hope someone responds after this long winded bump lol.

Have you looked through the Feature requests - Obsidian Forum category for anything similar?

There may also be some plugins. I’ve used in the past.

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