Hotkey limiter for text inside and outside link brackets

Use case or problem

In many cases, I either want to only affect the text inside or outside of link brackets.

Proposed solution

It might be nice to have a toggle that would act as a temporary lock on text. If the cursor were inside the brackets of a link when the toggle is initiated, the text outside the brackets would be inaccessible until toggle is turned off.

The same can happen for when the cursor is outside of link brackets making it easy to select all characters and white space up to the brackets. The brackets should probably be safe in both flavors of this toggle.

Current workaround (optional)

Keeping a standardized way of integrating links into text and using macros has been my workaround.

Also, I think this may have some relevance if the feature ever was implemented, although I have no idea how it is accomplished: Quick jump to links using hotkeys


What are the specific use cases?

It was mainly to be able to set up macros.

Like being able to select all text from cursor to next set of brackets. Then toggling and being able to get cursor inside brackets, then being able to do select all and only get the text within brackets.

That kind of stuff.