Locking a note from editing?

Things I have tried

I can set a note to Preview mode so that I cannot edit on it at that moment.

I can archive a note at its current state by exporting it (e.g. to a PDF file).

What I’m trying to do

I would like to have an action step to lock/unlock a note from further editing. Essentially, I’d like something that requires me to click a confirmation dialog to switch a note into/out of editing mode.

Does Obsidian have a plug-in or method to support this?

My use-case is perhaps comparable to journaling. I want at least a basic level of protection so that previous content can not be accidentally over-written or changed after a certain point in time.



Neat idea. Any opinions on how you’d see this implemented? Would lock status be stored as YAML metadata, for instance?

It’s a nice idea. But any implementation only works inside Obsidian and the file remains editable outside. (btw, Devonthink has the option to ‘lock’ the file, but that only works inside DT).
In obsidian case one possibility would be add the option ‘lock’ to the note menu and, if activated, keeping available only the preview mode for that note. To return the edit mode it would be necessary unlock the note.

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I can only comment on the UI implementation. The specifics of coding are still a bit over my head.

It might be simply an additional icon in the top menu bar. Or it might be an added option in the triple dot expansion (e.g. Lock/Unlock note; Delete file; Copy obsidian url; …).

The toggle option should be easily found and easily implemented.

I appreciate the distinction. It is far more my interest to stop the accidental editing while inside Obsidian.



Could always lock it at system level but this could have knock on impacts if a link needed to be changed within it.

Should this become a feature request?

It could also be helpful to be able to lock just regions of a note via non-previewing symbols. Here is one possible use case where I made a somewhat relevant request: Hotkey limiter for text inside and outside link brackets. However, I can imagine a lot better reasons to have this.

I think it should be a feature request for sure.


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