Hotkey + click: Make the hotkey changeable

Use case or problem

The hotkey editor is quite good and flexible, but it seems to me that it lacks all commands that require a click in addition to pressing and holding a key.

For example:

  • Alt + click to insert multiple carets in editor. (At least on Xubuntu 20.04 (Linux) this does not work, because Alt + click (actually, Alt + holding/dragging with mouse) is reserved for moving windows around so that you don’t need to drag from the title bar, you can drag from any part of the window.)
  • Ctrl/Cmd + click to open stuff in new panes. (Somebody might want to change Ctrl/Cmd to something else, for me this is fine).

Proposed solution

Make the key part of hotkey + click commands editable. User does not need to be able to alter the click, only to change the hotkey.

Current workaround (optional)

I guess there are none.