Hide Zettelkasten ID in graph view

Recently I use Zettelkasten ID + Tile to arrange my note in same folder.
But the problem is when I preview them in the graph view, it’s a bit annoying to see these long digit ID.
So I would like to request a function to hide these ID. It would be great help to keep these unique ID and have a better preview.


Moved to feature requests
There’s a similar request here: Show title of Zettelkasten notes in graph view
But that request didn’t have titles in the filename, so this request - while related - is different

I think the general idea is that you should name your files something like:

UID Some title

And then they would need to hide the UID from the Graph.


I was about to ask the same thing, I would appreciate to be able to hide the first xxxx characters of titles in graph view.

My notes look like 14digitID-some-file-name.md

The 14 digits include seconds and come from Zettlr.

Why not put the uid in the body of the note?

Putting the title before the UID makes reading other views easier. So long as you’re not wanting a time series view.

@vincit and @Dor maybe I’ll do this, put the UID in the body. I thought I’d get used to ignoring the prefix but it is in the way.