Hide specific notes and links from the Graph view

Use case or problem

Hiding specific notes and links is essential for those power users who store tons of stuff in a single vault (notes, diary, task manager, habit tracker, etc). Graph view, while great for wikis, knowledge bases and second brains, is not great for everything else because you can’t modify it’s appearance (nodes and connections) without editing underlying notes. So the end user is left with 2 choices: either stop using links to other notes or get lost in a Graph full of garbage.

For example, my diary notes contain links to weekly, monthly and yearly notes. Do I need these links at all? Yes, I do. Do I need to see them on the Graph? Heck no! It lags every time I open it already, and that’s just a year of diary notes. I suspect that in a few years Graph view of my vault will inevitably turn from a helpful tool into an unhelpful dumpster. All because of links and notes that I never even wanted to see on the Graph in the first place. This is clearly a big UI/UX problem. Thankfully, the solution seems to be easy.

Proposed solution

By far the easiest and fastest way to resolve this issue would be to:

  1. Add special tag for notes to be excluded from Graph view. Something like #hidden, #hidden_from_graph or user-defined.
  2. Add special symbol or sequence of symbols before links to be excluded from Graph view. Something like #[[note]] or #![[note]].

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Open Settings > Files & Links and scroll down to Excluded files. You may enter a folder path or a specific file for exclusion from “Search, Graph View, and Unlinked Mentions…”

This is a good workaround, but definitely not a permanent solution because it would also:

  1. Require a trip to a particular place in Settings every single time you need to hide/unhide some note without hiding the entire folder. A workaround for some users might be to create and exclude a separate folder, and move notes to be hidden there. But for the rest of the crowd that would break vault’s file structure and hierarchy.
  2. Hide specific files from Search as well (and Unlinked Mentions). What I proposed was to modify ONLY the Graph view.

As an alternative solution, a separation of Excluded files into “Excluded from Search”, “Excluded from Graph”, “Excluded from Mentions” + shortcuts to add/remove files + some sort of visual notice about the current state of a note would do just fine.

Another similar earlier request.
I must say that the precluding link with a symbol to alter it as suggested here, is a better option than alternate brackets since it fits with how transclusions are handled already.

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Found another use case that right now multiplies the amount of links and transforms Graph of my vault to dumpster. I have more than a year of everyday journaling entries and I want to create a markdown table to link all days with the same date between themselves. I do not need to see this on a graph and I need all of the entries to be both linked and searchable. Currently, implementing such a thing is impossible.

You can already filter the graph view by filename or by tag. Click on the gear icon, chose “filter” and try:

  • -tag:hidden to exclude any notes with the #hidden tag.
  • -file:2022 to exclude any notes with the text “2022” in the filename

Thanks, this was not obvious. While it solves my problem, I am pretty sure there still is a need for hidden connections on a Graph.

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