Graph-View: (Automatically) Neglect Specific Notes (with tags etc.) to Focus on Truly Important Links

Use case or problem

I hope to automatically neglect some specific notes in graph view.
For example, drafts, MOC, cheat-sheet and so on… They have an unneccessary number of links with other notes in graph view, which hides the TRULY IMPORTANT LINKS.
I’ve considered writing notes of these kinds in another vault. However, I found that I need to refer to other notes in notes of these kinds, which requests notes of these kinds to stay in the same vault with other notes.

Proposed solution

It might be easy to tackle this problem by adding a feature that makes it possible to neglect notes with specific tag(s). With such a feature, a workaround for this problem can be adding a “to-neglect” tag to notes of types referred above and check some option like “neglect notes with tag ‘to-neglect’” in graph view.

However, I think the ideal solution should support AUTOMATICALLY neglecting these specific notes, for at most times we might not need the overly dense links from these notes.