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Hi there, new to Obsidian and very happy with my discovery thus far, so thanks a lot to the team.

Maybe my querry is strange, but I’m struggling to find a satisfying way to have active outgoing links in my notes that won’t appear in my graph.

To be more specific, I have pairs of notes related to very different topics, yet citing each other, and I want to keep them appart in the graph while still being able to access the over through a link or whatever pratical mean, when reading one.

I have tried just not setting up a link and relying on the preview in unlinked mentions, or just using the search engine to acess the related file, but it would be more pratical to just be able to create some kind of special link that would be hidden in the graph.

I know I am writing a Help topic when it maybe more appropriate to write a Plugin Idea, but I’m wondering if I’m not missing something, even though I went through Obsidian’s help section and looked for a pre-existing topic, or a plugin that would solve my problem, I’m surprised no one ever ran into the same issue.

For a simple solution, you could try using Obsidian URL links instead of Markdown links. That would give you a clickable link to the document without causing a graph link.

[Link text](obsidian://open?vault=YourVault&file=Name%20Of%20Note)

You can generate this link from a document, with the command, Copy Obsidian URL.

For a heavier solution, perhaps the Juggl plugin might help you. I know it supports custom link types. (I’ve never tried it.)

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Using Obsidian URLs is pretty much a perfect fix for my purpose, I should have thought of that… That would explain why I didn’t manage to find a similar request to mine.
Thanks a lot for your help, very much appreciated !

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