Hide Files by Extension

Things I have tried

Searching the settings, hotkeys, forum and extensions for a solution. Not found any.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to show/hide file in the notes tree based on their file type. I’m using a lot of non .md files like images, drawings (drawio), … - Normally I don’t care about them, as they are linked in the notes. But sometimes I would like to see these non notes-files. Would be great to have a button next to the new/sort buttons on the top to hide non .md files.

You can create a css snippet and activate/deactivate in Settings > Appearance.

If you want to hide specific extensions (e.g. images), you can use something like this:

.nav-file .nav-file-title[data-path$=".jpeg"],
.nav-file .nav-file-title[data-path$=".jpg"],
.nav-file .nav-file-title[data-path$=".png"] {
display: none;

If you want to hide all the types except .md files, then you can use this:

.nav-file .nav-file-title:not([data-path$=".md"]) {
  display: none;

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