Hide Filename in Transclusions

I would prefer NOT to see a centered filename above transclusions, but I have not found a way to modify this. I have seen screenshots from other user setups where behavior is desirable.

Is there a way to do this that wouldn’t require me to learn about CSS?

Things I have tried

  • Searched Obsidian settings
  • Searched Obsidian topics - There’s one where someone complains about the opposite problem

What I’m trying to do

Hide the centered filename at the top of a transclusion

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See this (by @Moonbase59):

  • (via cssclass)
  • (via css snippet for all embeds)

For “title” in particular, use this css snippet:

.markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed-title {
  display: none;

Thank you! I’ll stretch my technical abilities and see if I can make this work. It sounds like precisely what I want!

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