Help with flattening dataview table

What I’m trying to do

I want to build a dataview table that automatically gathers all equations I mark as important in my notes. Notes are organized in subfolders, and the table note will be in the parent folder.

Things I have tried

To insert an important equation I use the following template:

[name::some equation]

And to retrieve the equations I use the following dataview code:

TABLE WITHOUT ID name, eqn, AS file
FROM #equation

The problem with this code is that equations belonging to the same note will appear in the same row of the table, in a sort of dotted list. So, I’ve tried to flatten wrt equations, so that each equation has its own row in the table:

TABLE WITHOUT ID name, eqn, AS file
FROM #equation

The problem with this second code is that it replicates the same equations and associate it to each other name there is in the equation file. For instance, if I have a file with two equations eqn1 and eqn2 named respectively eqnName1 and eqnName2, I will get two rows for eqn1: one row with eqnName1 and one row with eqnName2. And the same goes for eqn2.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Try doing FLATTEN eqn as E, and use E instead of eqn when you want to reference the unique equation.

Do however note that your current markup doesn’t connect the name and eqn together as a unit, so they might become misaligned as it’s currently written.

Hi! Thank you for the reply. I’ve tried the way you have suggested (as far as I’ve understood):

FROM #equation

But it has the same problem. If you have any suggestion on how to write the markup in a way that eqn and name are linked together I’d really appreciate it!

Usually I would recommend using a list (or task) to connect stuff together, but not sure how easy that would be to do with long equations.

However, if you search this forum we had a similar discussion suggesting just that approach.

Thank you, I will try this method!

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