Help with a very simple Tasks query

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to use the Tasks plugin to show each day’s completed tasks in that day’s daily note.

Things I have tried

I include this code in today’s daily note.

done on 2023-07-10

The code block I’m using includes the closing tick marks. I can’t figure out how to get Discourse to show those.

The output is “0 tasks,” when I know I have at least one task with the completion date today.

I have the task format in the Tasks plugin set to Dataview rather than Emoji.

I have essentially zero coding skills. This very simple query completely stumps me.

Please help? Thanks!

For the Discourse formatting, have a look here: Forum use and formatting tips If you want to show something with three backticks, enclose it in four backticks above and below. If you want to show something with four backticks, enclose it in five and so on.

For Tasks, how is the task written in your note?

How the task is written is different between the emoji format and Dataview format. The documentation is pretty good:

With the query of

done 2023-07-11


done on 2023-07-11

and a task of

- [ ] Call the dentist [scheduled:: 2023-07-09]

I see this when checked:

Maybe have a re-read of the documentation, and make sure you using the key:: value format in your tasks if you want to use the Dataview format:

- [ ] This is a task [priority:: high] [due:: 2023-05-01]
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 done on <%"YYYY-MM-DD", 0, tp.file.title, "YYYY-MM-DD") %>  

does this work for you? EDIT: I am using the Templater plugin


Oh, good catch ichmoimeyo!

I read but quickly forgot the daily note part. :sweat: …and if you are using the core Templates, something like:

done on {{date}}

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