Help recovering note after a crash

While copy pasting a jpeg image to my note, the computer suddenly blue screened and restarted. What resulted of my note is just rows of red dots - all the content is either transformed to this red mess or lost (see pic). Each individual dot has some kind of label over it : ā€œ\u0ā€. Is there a way to reverse this? Thanks.

This thread may be of use to you: A note with few hundred lines of data displays red dots (in edit mode) instead of the actual content and completely blank in 'preview' mode. Cursor placed on any red dot displays "\u0"

Hope it helps. Good luck.


It worked! Admittedly, I had no idea a backup function existed in Obsidian since Iā€™m new to it, but Iā€™m immensely grateful for your help and this feature.

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