Help filtering tasks in a table by priority and completion

What I’m trying to do

Create a dataview table supporting my GTD practice that shows both Project notes, and only the next task associated with that project.
I want to only display those tasks that are not completed AND tagged as highest priority.

Things I have tried

Create a table of notes tagged with #project :white_check_mark:
Display notes next to it that I’ve manually tagged with [priority:: high/highest] by the following: :white_check_mark:

filter(file.tasks.text, (x) => contains(x,"high")) AS "Next Action"
FROM #project 

This worked well at first, but when I tick off a task it continues to be displayed in this table unless I manually remove the priority tag.

My attempts at AND filtering for the ‘Next Action column’ haven’t worked, despite searching this forum (closest match, but doesn’t do what I’m looking for exactly), reddit, RTFM and the internet generally. This is the latest effort I’ve tried, and the point at which I’ve run out of ideas and come to you for help!

filter(file.tasks.text, (x) => contains(x,"high") AND !file.tasks.completed) AS "Next Action"
FROM #project

Very grateful for any insight :smile:

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