Dataview, Tasks as Table, exclude completed tasks?

Things I have tried

I have been trying to make my tasks show up as a table, and I found this awesome thread:

Create dataview table of multiple tasks within notes - Help - Obsidian Forum

But I cannot figure out how to exclude the completed tasks. I have tried a few different options, and none seem to work. This is what I have so far:

	regexreplace(Tasks.text, "\[.*$", "") AS Task, 
	choice(Tasks.completed, "completed", "not done") AS Status, 
	Tasks.completion AS "Completion Date", 
	Tasks.due AS "Due Date", 
	Tasks.created AS "Created Date", 
	Tasks.priority AS "Priority", AS "File"
	and -"00.META"
	and -"99.ARCV"
	and -"05.WORK/05c1.AHD"
FLATTEN file.tasks AS Tasks
WHERE file.tasks AND != ✅

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Maybe replacing the last line of the code with WHERE !Tasks.completed.

But then, why you need choice(Tasks.completed, "completed", "not done") AS Status?
If you filter out the completed tasks, then all are “not done”!

Same for Tasks.completion AS "Completion Date"? This exists only in completed tasks.

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I knew it was something simple. Thank you much!