Headings with Numbers miss in TOC (Outline of Heading)

I think this could be related to a past bug report: Linking to the note heading with a number.number omits the period


Create a Markdown file as usual, set a heading (any level heading will have this issue, just use the hash tag prefixes followed by a space and your heading name).

Change the heading name to include a number and a dot or a right parenthesis.

Notice now the TOC lost the heading number!

Screenshot: Green arrows show correct TOC (Outline of Heading) and the red show the incorrect interpretation due to loss of the prefix numbering.


The TOC heading number should be there.

Work around for now:

I started using hyphens (even though it looks ugly) instead of a dot or a parenthesis as it should be in a heading and it works just for my notes, not for sharing as that may confuse people.

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no, it’s not related to that.

This happens because not the the heading in the outline are heavily sanitized.

I also think the numbers in the red arrows should be kept in the TOC


i have a similarly problem:

In the h1-Header:

  • with the point, the one will not be show.
  • without the point, the one will be show.

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