If my heading has "1. ", in the outline, the number will not be displayed

These numbers should not be hidden

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Perhaps this?

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No, I don’t want to change my heading format

Interesting. It seems that when you type 1. on the heading, the render recognizes it as ordered lists. Thus, you could use single 1. or text without 1. on the heading, but you could not use them at the same time.

One way to avoid this is not to type a space between 1. and the text( e.g. 1.text ). You could also use a backslash to escape the . ( e.g. 1\. text ). Both two methods work will on the latest 1.4.13 version.


This could be a workaround. However, I am using Number Heading plug-in, and it generates numbers automatically with the same style, such as, 1. and 1.1 and 1.1.1

maybe the regexp pattern of /[#]*\s\d*\.\s.*/ can be identify and parsed separately by the render?

Found another thread, discussing the same matter: