Has the insider build v0.8.0 been released for windows?

I notice the Mac version for v0.8.0 has been released. But I can’t update to the 0.8.0 for win10.

Yes, it has been released for all platforms.

If you’ve already logged into and enabled insider builds, the most likely cause is that you installed earlier than 0.6.4 (you can check installer version in Settings - About). Installing the with the new Windows installer available on the website should fix this.

Please adjust the update function that can update through the system proxy settings.
because i can’t access the github without a vpn.

Me too
My Installer version is v0.7.6, and I have purches the catalyst license , and I also have set “Receive insider builds” and “automatic update”, but still cannot get my obsidian updated to 0.8.0

BTW, I’m using windows 7

Are there any other things that I could do ?@Silver

Has auto-updating succeeded for you before? If not, something might be blocking the auto-updating process.

Related: Http proxy support (for GFW bypass)

Let me know if that matches the issue you’re experiencing!

I got the option to update to 0.8.0 yesterday, but I suppose that is the result that version 0.8.0 has been released.

So I will just use this update at this moment and come back to check the reason for update failure if it fails to update next time.