H.265 Video Support

Use case or problem

I have some lecture videos that I want to take notes on and have encoded using the HEVC H.265 codec. When I embed these videos into Obsidian their audio plays in preview mode but the video itself is blank.

Proposed solution

Update the already existing video embedding feature to support media using the H.265 codec.

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If they work in chrome, they should work in obsidian. Do they work in chrome?

No, they don’t. I totally get if implementing this just requires chromium to implement H265 and it’s outside of the Obsidian teams hands.

webm\vp9 or webm\av1 are your best bets.

May be with the H.265 / HEVC player extension ?

Which extension is this? I could not find it on a search.

This works now. You will need to download and reinstall obsidian.

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