Embedded videos encoded with h265/hevc don't play video, only audio

Hey folks, hoping someone might have some insight into this…

Based on this thread: H.265 Video Support

It seems that HEVC/h265 encoded videos would be supported by Obsidian so long as Chromium supports it. I can confirm that I am able to open both mp4 and mkv h265-encoded videos inside of chromium and they play with both audio and video. However, when I embed the same files inside a note in Obsidian, I only get audio playback.

Further, it seems h265 support was added to Chromium around September of 2022 (at least, according to this article: Google Quietly Added HEVC Support in Chrome - Bitmovin and my ability to play them inside the browser). I’m running v1.3.4 of Obsidian on a W10 and W11 machine, both of which support HEVC/h265-encoded videos (can play them with windows media player, and Video player).

Here’s a screenshot of the same file embedded twice, once as a VP9 webm and once as an h265 mkv, in source mode:


This is what it looks like in reading mode:

Clicking on the play button on the bottom bar only proceeds to play audio, and not the video.

Any ideas?

Greatly appreciate any insights anyone might have.

Thank you!

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I just opened the same note on my Android phone and it displayed & played the h265 video without issue. Honestly not really sure why it would appear this way on Windows?

Hi All, just installed v1.3.5 and the issue seems to be fixed!

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