Graph view - switcher to filter out notes in a subfolder

Use case or problem

In Zettelkasten hierarchy is discouraged. However, as per “How to take Smart Notes” book about Zettelkasten, it makes sense to have project folders that are destroyed when the project is over because the knowledge there is not relevant anymore. The knowledge that would be relevant would stay in the ZTK folder. There are other use cases for such filters. You may want to hold literature notes for further processing in a subfolder even with connections. Sometimes you may want to keep those literature notes you transformed into Zettelkasten notes with references, but it’s not part of the knowledge tree, it’s a secondary reference.

Proposed solution

I’d like to be able to tell Obsidian not to show notes in different folders. Yeah, possibly it could be more powerful allowing to select folders, but that would complicate matters for developing the feature. For me just limiting to the main vault folder as an option would be enough.

Current workaround (optional)

symlinking the subfolders from a folder from a different location entirely. Then when I want to hide these subfolders I just delete the symlink in Obsidian vault and I don’t see it. If I want to see it again I readd the symlink. I saved those two lines of code that achieve that so it’s quick. Can even be added as a system shortcut to execute those scripts, so it becomes as transparent as adding a shortcut to obsidian. Still a workaround though

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I think this could be very useful too.
I like keeping all my files in one vault and separate them into folders, so I would like to exclude certain folders from my graph view for certain use cases. The only partial solution I have found is this:

But this only works for excluding one folder so it’s not very practical. I would like the options to select which folders to be shown in the graph view and which folders not to show, depending on what I want to do these two options will be very helpful.