Symlinked subfolders changes do not propagate (obsidian doesn't see them)

As mentioned in workaround here Graph view - switcher to filter out notes in a subfolder sometimes it’s useful to have subfolders of Obsidian symlinked into Obsidian instead of having them there for reals.

However, there’s some issues with that approach.

  • Opening closed Obsidian won’t show these symlinked folders. They need to be symlinked in there when the vault is open. Need to remove/readd symlinked folder like this if vault was closed
  • If files are added to symlinked folders by other means than through Obsidian, Obsidian does not see them. One again, has to remove readd symlinked folders for files to be seen (refreshed contents of symlinked folder)

This is on Mac BigSur

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we don’t support symlinks. there is an open feature request for that. Please, search before posting.

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