Graph view replacement


I would like to have a “Graph view” which looks like Mind Map except that it is not the only “tree structure” graph. It has to be static in a sense that it is not recreated every time I open the view but keep locations of nodes from previous session.
It will be nice if such Plugin will be developed. I even wiling to pay for it if the price will be reasonable.


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Have you checked out the mind map plugin that already exists?

Edit: nvm, I understand now. You’re hoping for a tree structure for files, not the contents of files.

How would you handle recursion in a tree structure? What nodes are at the “top”?


That’s why I want static map. I want to place “top” node by myself. It is more natural when there is a hierarchy in map. I am working as Systems Administrator and all complex systems consists of different subsystems which also consists of subsystems of subsystems. It is common practice when the system is designed as ‘black box’. Changes in one part of the system will not affect another parts. I already created some mindmaps on help of cloud provider and it is more easy to digest information when I can collapse insignificant part or open them when I am interested in. I can share it with you if you are interested in use case.


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Ah, have you explored using Mermaid for this? I’d suggest searching the forum for some great examples of what some other users have used Mermaid for.

Otherwise, see also Save Node Positions in Graph View (Edit and Preview Toggle).

As you mention before I am looking for feature which is dealing with link between files. As I know Mermaid is used for mind maps created in content of one file and it is not capable to search all the link between files. Correct me if I am wrong.