Graph View presets to save and load filters & display settings

Yes this is the missing Killer feature. I would look at Notion’s View feature on their Tables for inspiration. Extremely useful!


I need to save different graph presets too :pleading_face:


Seeing this request from a year ago made me hopeful this exists already. Scrolling all the way down showed me this wasn’t the case.
Adding +1 - please add graph filter/color presets. Also, maybe a way to embed these in a link.


+1 Very important feature since workspaces don’t save graph filtering settings (see here).

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one approach to do this is to make a file type graph and then it can be toggled between graph view and editing view.

The graph view read the yaml code in the file and generate the filter.


type: graph 


+1 It would be so helpful for filtering and also coloring in different tags (e.g. progress vs. topic)

+1 People who use the graph view for exploration and inspiration likely hop between different views to include or exclude items to make the experience fruitful. This could be achieved a number of ways. A simple way could just be a drop-down menu in the graph view with presets. This was also a terrifc idea and in keeping with the Obsidian philosophy of using notes as the core medium of the system.

+1 for this; it would be very helpful!

+1 I think that the graph view is a great idea but needs some more features like this to be truly useful

+1 This would be great

+1 Looking forward!

+1 for this; it would be very helpful!

+1 great idea

Really hope this can be done, either as a plugin or natively.

Not sure this idea needs more support, but here’s my +1. I also support the idea in this post. Being able to keep project-specific graph views would be very useful.

+1 as well.
After spending a good chunk of time getting the graph “settings” the way I want, having to manually transcribe them and manually restore later is a huge pain.


I’d even settle for adding a tab in Starred, so long as we can set the name of the starred row.

I’m outlining a method of representing Nmap/Nessus scans using Obsidian and color grouping is critical. Currently, grouping has to be reset each time a local graph pane is opened.

And another +1 from my side. Would be very helpful to leverage the Graph View‘s power.


Anyway, I am yet another person who is really needing increased functionality with Graph View. I tried going to GitHub, where the developers who do these plugins and such live. But trying to get anywhere over there is frustrating, they’re UI is confusing and pretty non-functional if you aren’t ‘in-the-know’.
Not sure the Developers ever come here. Seems like they probably don’t? Hence the reason this hasn’t been done after almost 2 years… :frowning_face:

Obsidian’s developers are active on here. You may be confusing them with plugin developers—the official support channel for anything you find in the Community Plugin Gallery is usually GitHub.

Obsidian’s developers don’t usually comment on feature requests (FRs).

It’s understandable to be frustrated when a FR doesn’t get the attention you think it deserves. Unfortunately, development is a tricky thing. Popularity is one factor in deciding what gets built next, but there are many other considerations. It may be inspiring to notice that many other FRs have been developed: look at #feature-request-archive and the Obsidian roadmap: Trello.

We may see this one there someday!