Graph View presets to save and load filters & display settings

This seems like such a trivial thing to add, but I guess it always does to the non-developers. +1, not worth using graph view without this feature.

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I dig the idea of making this part of what’s saved in a workspace.

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I was just needing this feature.

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Have been using obsidian for a month and have been thinking about this feature daily.

I currently keep a note with a list of presets to copy and paste. Having this implementation would be a feature I use multiple times a day.


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My thought would be to keep it “note native” and flexible by expanding the existing URI syntax to open a new graph view. So you’d plonk a link to open a filtered graph anywhere in your notes. This would also mean that you could use these URIs outside of Obsidian go straight to a particular filtered graph view.

The Advanced URI plugin could also be a candidate for this idea.

It has been a month since the last comment, so to keep showing there is a demand: +1.

Currently, this is my most important feature request. It can make the graph view usable again


Chiming in for this FR as well ! +1

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