Graph view not loading a graph (Linux)

What I’m trying to do

When I open graph view, the UI buttons in the top right are there (for filters, groups etc.) but no graph itself.

Things I have tried

I did a complete uninstall and reinstall (used pacman as I’m on Arch) and created a new vault, made a couple of files and no graph appeared. I opened the sandbox vault, and the graph does not appear also.

Thanks in advance


Stating the obvious here, but did you check whether the plugin (core) is enabled?

I’m currently having the exact same issue.
Graph is just a blank view in both my main vault and in the Sandbox Vault.
Screenshots attached

As for the comment from @RiaGruen the Graph plugin is enabled by default and should show whenever the Sandbox Vault is opened.

I’m on Archlinux and installed Obsidian with with pacman from the extras repository

My Vault

Sandbox Vault

I’ve run into the issue myself yesterday. It miraculously cured itself after I closed the graph view, restarted Obsidian and only then opened the Graph again.

Unfortunately I have no idea whatsoever, if that was but a lucky coincidence :frowning:

Maybe this?

Oh I missed this topic about the problem, thanks for linking!
I’d be willing to bet that this is the issue.

@aiden1999 The pacman version has issues in general, sometimes it breaks, sometimes it doesn’t, but fundamentally it’s a GPU driver issue from what I could gather (see my thread that ariehen linked to).

The solution ultimately is not using the Arch version and pacman because ultimately they are just not supported. I’ve gone over to using the AppImage as it seems to be the most advertised format officially supported by Obsidian for Linux. The Flatpak could be an alternative as well of course, though it is community maintained so the guarantee of it working well is a smidge weaker.

Assuming you’re on Gnome and you want the AppImage to show up in your launcher, here is how I “installed” it:

  1. download the AppImage
  2. Install fuse2 and fuse3
  3. move the appimage file to /usr/local/bin
  4. Downloaded the obsidian-icon.svg and put it under /usr/share/icons
  5. Created an obsidian.desktop file under ~/.local/share/applications looking like this:
[Desktop Entry]

This should add the icon to your launcher same as if you had installed it via pacman.
Sadly you can’t “uninstall” via pacman that way.
Honestly I wonder why pacman, even if it can’t control updating an appimage, can’t at least manage installing/uninstalling it.


I create an tutorial in medium how to fix this bug in graph view.

I am facing the same issue since yesterday on my Ubuntu

Same issue here. It worked fine for almost a year and sometime in the last couple of months it stopped.

Happens in the sandbox vault as well. And I am using the official AppImage, no package managers or anything in the way.

I am using an NVidia 3080 Ti and I am able to play advanced games with zero iissues.

The PixiJS Playground works fine in Chromium and Firefox. Playground | PixiJS

This all tells me that it is extremely unlikely to be a driver issue.

It might have something to do with the way that Electron was configured or some other weird Electron edge case.

This issue is caused by Electron configuration as @acook mentioned. Specifically, under Wayland. By default, Electron applications try to run using XWayland (the compatibility layer with X11 applications). To fix this issue with the Arch package, simply create a file ~/.config/electron25-flags.conf and add the following contents:


This will make Electron applications run natively under Wayland and be able to find the correct drivers.

See the ArchWiki for more information: Wayland - ArchWiki

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I’m on X11, so it sounds like something could be done similar to the configuration to improve compatibility for all windowing systems.