Graph view losing internal links

I’m sure that I have more things linked and connected together, and before today my graph view was more complicated than today’s version, I don’t know if there’s filter some kind of thing preventing me from seeing the whole of all my notes? There should be more nodes linked together.

What version of Obsidian are you using? What type of graph (local or global) is demonstrating the problem? This is probably a bug report, not a help request.

That said, I think a recent update accidentally removed some types of links in one of the two types of graphs. This was unintentional if that’s the cause and will be fixed shortly!

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There are not-yet-created pages missing from my graph. I must say, I’m rather happy with it! They used to clutter my graph.

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This will be fixed in 0.8.13

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I also think there is a possibility that this will become an option in a future version of graph view - to be able to toggle on/off certain types of links.


oh yeah, I’m rather new to obsidian and yes, I didn’t create those pages which I used the [[ to bracket them. Those items don’t show up in the view as nodes, do they?


Thanks! This helped a lot.

Yeah that would be really nice.

I’m currently using the 0.8.12, and after seeing the comments down below I now realized that this is a bug. But you’ve mentioned local and global view, I didn’t know what are those two things yet, will check them out.


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Yes, this is still a bit confusing. So global graph is all of your notes. You open this with the command Open graph view or from the graph button in the left ribbon.

Local graph is for a single note where the note is the starting node. You open this with the command Open local graph, also found in the note overflow menu (three vertical buttons top-right).


Yeah right, I think I’m starting to like this local graph view feature, though I’m also looking forward that they’ll get these two integrated.