Global Graph does not create connection in real time when a nonexisting note is created

Assume you have file a that links to [[b]] and b does not yet exist.
b shows in the local graph and does not in global graph. This is debatable.

Aside from this design decision.
If you do create b by clicking on the link. The global graph shows that b has been created but it does not show that it is linked to a, until you close and restart the global graph.


Both graphs should show connections to non-existing notes, right?

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This part is a design choice, not a bug. Right now, in the global graph we are only showing exsisting notes.

This bug is about the online update of the local graph vs the global graph.

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Will there be an ability to toggle this option in the future? I really preferred being able to visualize that deep, even if a note hasn’t been created yet.

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Open a feature request for that.

will be fixed in 0.8.12

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Postponed to 0.8.13