Graph View: Filter Notes by The Number of Links They Have

Including a search option that allows me to constrain my graph view to only notes with more than 1 link or more than 1 link and less than 5 links, will allow for a more flexible view into the graph. Especially when combined with tags in the search.

I.E. If the user is only interested in notes that have lots of links/highly connected ideas, then they can filter all the other notes out.

Currently there is the option of excluding orphan nodes. This is I think an extension of that idea.


+1 to this

Interesting idea. This could also enable users to show orphan notes only by filtering notes that have 0 links, e.g.

This would be great. To add to this, it would also be a lot of fun to have the ability to filter a particular type of note unless it has X number of connections.

For instance, I have ~50 books I want to get to reading in logged Obsidian, that I normally have filtered out of graph view so as not to clog it up.

Being able to use a filter query like:


would be a really useful way to naturally track with graph view which books become most relevant to me as my notes evolve.