Graph Navigation Mode

Use case or problem

Currently, in the graph view,

  • clicking on a note-node, opens the note,
  • clicking on a tag, opens the search-pane.

I’d like to be able to navigate the graph.

Proposed solution

There could be an option called graph navigation mode.

In this mode, clicking on a node does not open the note/search-pane, but selects the node. This means two things:

  • the selected node is highlighted (displayed with a different color)
  • only the selected node and its direct connections remain fully visible (like in local graph view), and the rest of the graph is faded

Another option could be what I call graph functional linking.
When linking the graph pane with another pane in the graph navigation mode:

  • clicking on a graph node opens the corresponding note in the linked pane
  • clicking on a link in the linked pane selects it on the graph



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For inspiration: graph navigation works in TheBrain. See video in this post:

Great idea!

To make it more consistent with the rest of Obsidian, I think:

  • clicking a node should select it like you said.
  • Ctrl-clicking opens the note.
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@danitrusca if I understand this correctly, you would like a way to click a node on the global graph, so it opens the local one? Most of what you’re asking for here already is possible with the local graph. If you select depth > 1, and as long as you have the notes open with the local graph pane linked, you’ll be able to continuously click on a series of local graphs.

I want to be able to do this on the big graph, to view the entire thing in the background (with a minimap showing where I am). It’s a very different feeling. It’s like navigating your little universe of knowledge.

Imagine the big graph is faded. When I click on a node, it becomes highlighted.

When I click on another node, the new one becomes highlighted, and the previous one becomes faded, but more visible than the background.

I can thus see both where I came from and where I currently am at the same time. I can see my entire journey during that session at a glance.


Glad to have found this. I definitely agree and had a similar request before as well. Although my suggestion is a bit different, it shares the idea of having an adaptive local configuration within the context of the global graph.

I see it as a way to build out from multiple points simultaneously in tandem. Here’s the link: Hybrid Graph View - Local Mode


Thanks! That paints a clearer picture (to me at least) of how you’d like to use this.