Graph navigation in background of other panes

When I have a large graph opened and zoomed in so that nodes are “hidden” behind an adjacent pane, I can actually click on the nodes and navigate to them. I would expect this not to happen. It does not appear to happen with the local graph.

Here is a gif of it.

Apologies, the cursor is offset in the GIF - please take my word for it that I am clicking in the left-hand region of the note pane.

I can’t reproduce. The mouse offset in the gif quite odd. Maybe that is you problem.

No, its a problem with my screen recorder, which I’ve now fixed.

The problem occurs whether the graph is on the left or right. I deleted my obsidian.css file just in case there was something in there messing it up, and it still happens. It is somewhat sporadic - opening a new pane by Ctrl+Clicking a node in the graph seems to be the best way to replicate it. I’m on Windows 10, latest x64 build, and Obsidian v0.8.5 if that’s helpful.

This appears to be a duplicate of a bug that was previously buried.

I can’t repro but we’ll look into it at some point.

Thanks - its fairly annoying. At least I know what’s going on now rather than being bewildered by constantly changing pages.

Here’s a GIF of it (reliably) reproduced from scratch in the Obsidian Help Vault. No CSS.

I tried the same thing before. Not happening. Odd!

I can repro, and I just fixed this. Will be released with v0.8.6.

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