Go to next note in MOC button

What I’m trying to do

Is there some way to embed links directly in a note that will go to the previous/next note of the MOC it’s in so that I don’t have to navigate from a note > MOC > next note of the MOC?

Things I have tried

I’ve searched “obsidian go to next note” on YouTube; “next note button”, “link next note moc”, and “next note link” on the forum.

Maybe some ideas in here

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Did you tried to use Local graph

Yes, but the local graph displays all links associated with the note. I’m only looking to easily get to the next note of an MOC.

The Hierarchical Note of the Breadcrumbs plugin seems to be the closest thing to what I’m looking for, but that function isn’t working right now. The only thing that works now is manually adding prev/next relationships using the Breadcrumbs plugin on every note, then using the Breadcrumbs Matrix as navigation. The problem with this method is that I have to go into every note and manually add next:: [[Next Note Name]] to each note in the MOC.

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