Globally set Editors default Mode ("Source Mode", "Live Preview", "Reading")

Use case or problem

Currently there only seems to be a option for toggeling between the named editor options tab-wise. If there is a new tab opened, the selected default mode on the last tab is set back to the permanent default “Live Preview”, which can be really annoying when just trying to read through the vault on multiple tabs / trying to use the “Source Mode” as the standard option for opening all documents

Proposed solution

Add an option to select the default mode of the editor in the Settings > Editor.

Current workaround (optional)

The default shortcut for switching between “Source Mode” and “Live Prview” is Ctrl+Shift+S. This works fine, but somehow makes the beautiful Tabs-Feature Obsidian recently gained unnecessary a bit painful…

Related feature requests (optional)

I noticed that Obisidan seems to be mutch snappier & using siginficantly less CPU-time on my system when running in “Source-Mode” insted of “Live-Preview”.
Maybe the mentioning of this mode in the Editors Settings makes it gain some pupolarity.

I’d really loved to know a way for Obsidian using less CPU on my laptop system before clicking through the editors GUI and discovering the “Source Mode” there.

I don’t follow. There already is an option to globally change which mode to use by default. You can set this to “Source mode”. Or do you mean you want a way to change this setting by hotkey on the fly?


Pardon me. I exacly meant the option you pointed out, thanks.
Must have looked over it when I broswed the settings searching for an option ._.

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