Global List of Unlinked Mentions with filter, search and query support

Use case or problem

There are a lot of unliked mentions that do not get attention, because, well you can only see unlinked mentions if you go inside the backlinks page.

Proposed solution

For this I propose the creation of an unlinked mentions page. Much akin to how there is a Local Graph for each page and A Global Graph for the vault, Might I suggest, adding an unlinked mention global page, where you can see–

  1. Total number of unlinked mentions,
  2. Pages listed with a drop-down arrow for viewing the unlinked mentions of each of those pages
  3. Option to search, sort and filter the list, in a fashion similar to what can be performed with search results
    (Holy Fish I just realised that you cant actually filter the backlinks list. Why is that? I will add that as a separate feature request.)

Current workaround

(I can’t think of any workaround other than) randomly opening pages occasionally and searching for any new unlinked mentions that might have taken place.

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