Global hotkey to add note

Hotkey that works globally, to add a note.
I’d like to press, for example, ctrl+F1 to get a popup where i can write a few lines that are either
a) added to a tickler/inbox file of my choosing
b) added to the daily file
c) creates a new file with first line as filename,subsequent lines as file content

With “globally” I mean that no matter what app I have open, there is an overlay from Obsidian where I input my spontaneous - and very, very fleeting - idea.

Time is of the essence here. Before I can alt+tab to obsidian and click my inbox file it will probably have evaporated in an anticlimactic whisp of black smoke, leaving nothing but a vague feeling of frustration in it’s wake :slight_smile:


I’d like to see this as well and added a request here: Meta Post - Hotkeys

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This would be great!


Hadn’t noticed that thread. Thanks!

This would be an amazing feature to have! One of my dependence on Evernote is its ability to invoke a new note from any application on windows 10.

It’s a workaround but simply put Obsidian in the taskbar in a convenient position so it can be activated using Ctrl + 1 for example and then press Ctrl + N or use Ctrl + 9 followed by Ctrl + N so that you can press Ctrl with your left pinky then quickly press 9 then N with your right hand middle and index fingers respectively.