Give plugin options for backlinks plugin for the different options (see details)

Using the latest not-insider version on MacOS.

When using backlinks in page then the options for the backlinks are reset after every restart and sometimes sooner. I am talking about the following options that should be added to the plugin options for the backlinks plugin (core plugin)

  • Collapse results
  • Show more content
  • Change sort order

And as last I want to see the found results when I search for a value within the backlinks. Currently only the page name (on which you look for backlinks) is shown. But when I search for a value that value should also be highlighted.


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Replying to your message here.

  1. Looks like I made Retain preferences in “Backlinks in document”.
  2. Which was merged into Preference setting to auto-collapse backlinks in document.

Also, I just posted this in the merged posting.