Gantt charts, Mermaid, Obsidian, and Christmas

Things I have tried

Other programs notably Aeon Timeline in versions 1, 2, and 3 with no success. Also project management programs. Examined Gantt drawing packages in both Python and Ruby.

Checked the plugins lists (both official and community) for anything that might help me however as a newbie to Obsidian trying find appropriate ones for my task-in-hand is like working with molasses (the relevance of which should become clearer in the following section).

What I’m trying to do

Some recent posts here notably


made me wonder if Obsidian might — once I have got to grips with it — be the solution to a problem I have.

Why is Christmas in the topic title? Because at this time of year I do a lot of baking. Christmas cake, Lebkuchen, sausage rolls, breads to make stuffings and sauces, crackers, and many other things. A few things into the New Year as well such as Black Bun and

Some of those bakes happen on specific days, e.g. the breads are made/baked on the 23rd December giving them time to go stale before Christmas Day and being turned into various accompaniments to the roast turkey. Other fixed days include Lucia Dagen 13 of December every year.

Others happen on relative days, e.g. the Christmas I make/bake on Stir-up Sunday aka the Sunday before the First Sunday of Advent. This past year stir-up Sunday fell on 20/11/2022 but this new year is falls on 26/11/2023. Others like Æbleskiver and Speculaas are traditionally baked on Sundays during Advent, wihch might on occasions clash with Lucia Dagen.

There is also an item where parts of the process are performed on a particular day (25 October to mix Lebkuchen dough) while other parts such as the baking are variable (I like to do that on the last Sunday of Advent).

I need to schedule my kitchen activities and if possible avoid clashes for use of the oven. The failure of Aeon Timeline and project management programs to deal with these intermingled absolute and relative dates means I have resorted to using a spreadsheet, which includes a simple formula for finding the Sunday before the First of Advent.

Christmas 2022 may be over but it will repeat later this new year. And there is Lent and Easter to deal with in a few weeks time a period when I have similar baking activies of fixed and relative days. Plus other observant events such as Cinnamon Bun and Bagel days.

All of this needs to be intermingled with my regular baking (some style of bread every three or four days) and cooking.

The Mermaid plugin might, if the issue reported by @Ooker is fixed or has a solid workaround, solve my problem.

The over-riding issue is where do I start with this in Obsidian? Other than installing the Mermaid plugin I have no idea what other plugins (core or community) might be required or helpful.

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Have you tested it? The “broken” Gantt chart in the linked thread works perfectly for me without any workaround needed, so it might not be a global issue:

    dateFormat  MM-DD
    axisformat  %d/%m
    title       Adding GANTT diagram functionality to mermaid

    section A section
    Lên nội dung chi tiết              : done, noidung, after des, 3d
    Làm bảng lượng giá kết quả         : bangLuongGia, after noidung, 3d

    section Truyền thông
    Làm bài truyền thông               : done, baitruyenthong, after bangKhaoSat, 2d
    Thiết kế ảnh                       : done, thietkeanh, after baitruyenthong, 2d
    Đăng lên Discord                   : done, milestone, after thietkeanh baitruyenthong bangKhaoSat, 2d
    Đăng lên group                     : done, milestone, 2d
    section Sự kiện
	Sự kiện                            : crit, milestone, 3h

    section Công việc<br>sau sự kiện
    Gửi email sau sự kiện              : milestone, 0h
	Lượng giá sau sự kiện              : 7d
	Làm bài truyền thông sau sự kiện   : 7d
    Đăng lên Discord                   : milestone, 2d
    Đăng lên group                     : milestone, 2d
    Đăng lên page                      : milestone, 2d


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