Canvas Timeline

I’d love to see a simple timeline feature available in the Canvas that would allow the following:

  1. Create an “endless” horizontal bar that stretches from end to end of the canvas you can pin notes to by date to create a visual timeline. Dates should be able to be modified manually to allow creating any timeline you like. Notes and cards should be able to be added above or below the timeline. The spacing between connection points on the timeline should be capable of being both automatic based on proper ratios of time between cards / notes and also be able to manually drag where desired to alter the points of connection to suit one’s personal aesthetic.

  2. Using the above feature, create an automatic view similar to the graph plugin where you can visualize your entire vault on the canvas timeline with notes placed in order. Having the ability to re-sort based on note creation datetime OR last modification datetime would be ideal. Additionally the filter features of the graph view carried over would be nice.

What do you y’all think? Good idea? Bad idea? Too similar to other suggestions? I think now that Canvas is here this is worth considering!



Maybe rather than endless horizontal bar it could just be an object that’s resizable… I don’t know…


I’m sad no one replied to this because I want this too.


This is exactly what I would like to see in obsidian. I had the same impression that it is possible when Canva arrived

I also suggested it but there doesn’t seem to be a big craze around a timeline function, it seems to me yet so powerful as a visualization and representation tool

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I want this, too! I was just thinking it’d be great for me to conceptualize what I’m learning in my history classes - and, now that I think about it, great for building fictional timelines if you’re a writer!

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I found this thread because I need this feature too and was looking it up. This would be really powerful and awesome to have!

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